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Red Rose

The Vintage Fairie

The Vintage Fairie is a creative collaboration of different mediums.  

Hello my name is Suzie. I create art that is drawn from my love of mythical creatures and the allure of a fantasy land full of love, light, the living, death and darkness. As an adult I often found comfort using my first art love of sculpting. I have been focusing on improving my skills and therefore focusing on the details in everything I see. I admire small details and I want to escape into them. I hope you love my creations as much as I do. Some will be up for adoption in the near future. 



Peach the Fairie

Meet Peach the Fairie and her ghost baby. Peach is made from cosclay but mostly made with love. She is the keeper of sweet dreams. 


Poppy the Mystic 

Poppy is a fairie that has the gift of insight. She knows when you need help and will listen without question. She will meditate with you and help you find the answers you need. 



Pippa the Fawn Fairie

Pippa is a sweet fawn fairie that loves sitting in nature. She 


Penelope the PeaceMaker

Sweet Penelope was made as a peace-maker with only one goal to spread Love. She has endless positivity and wants to give it to you. 

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